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What is Poets’ Garage?

Poets’ Garage is a children’s poetry critique group dedicated to helping its members improve technique and become more confident and capable writers.

What types of poetry do you write? 

We are a global group of twenty poets with individual strengths, and our poetry ranges from free verse to haiku to rhyming picture books.

Where can we find your poetry? 

eyeball book coverMany Poets’ Garage poets are published in children’s magazines, including Highlights, High Five, Ladybug, Spider, Clubhouse Jr., Turtle, Fun for Kidz, and more.

In 2010, Poets’ Garage members published a poetry anthology, An Eyeball in My Garden (Marshall Cavendish).

Several of our members are also featured in the anthology And the Crowd Goes Wild: A Global Gathering of Sports Poems (Friesen Press, 2012).

Follow the Garage poets to their websites for information about their individual publications.

How can I join this group?

Poets’ Garage welcomes applications from published and unpublished poets. Applications will be considered when space becomes available in the group. Please use the contact form to request more information about the application process.


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